Female UFC fighter Leslie Smith beats up man after he 'gropes her friend'

The incident took place outside of a San Francisco nightclub between the man and two female UFC fighters

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A female UFC fighter has dealt out a lesson in manners after a man allegedly attempted to grope her friend’s bum on a night out.

Bantamweight Leslie Smith and strawweight Heather Clarke were queuing outside a San Francisco nightclub when the alleged incident occurred.

According to Cesar Gracie who posted an account of the event shortly after on Facebook, the friend turned to Ms Smith saying “that guy just grabbed my a**”.

The incident escalated when Ms Leslie then approached the man, who has not been identified, to  tell him he couldn’t behave in that way, to which he allegedly replied “f**k you I can do whatever I want”, before spitting in her face and attempting to punch her.

Ms Smith replied “No mother**ker, you can’t,” and retaliated by placing the man in a choke hold and punching him several times.

Ms Clark, who witnessed the ensuing fracas, then allegedly “delivered a running soccer kick to the man’s nether regions”, Mr Gracie claimed.

The Mirror reported that while Ms Smith was initially keen to keep the incident quiet, she allowed the publicity after it caused her friends so much hilarity it changed her mind.

Ms Smith told SB Nation, a specialist UFC news site: “I’d be second guessing myself and my judgement if I had been drinking but I wasn’t.

“I was morally compelled to tell the man that my friend’s butt was not public property for him to grope at will.”