Man shot dead after his dog defecated on a neighbours lawn

Jose Rey died following an argument with his neighbour's father

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A row over a dog defecating on a man’s lawn ended with the canine’s owner being shot and killed, police have said.

Jose Rey’s dog decided to relieve itself outside a home as he walked it through a residential neighbourhood in Miami on Saturday night.

But the animal was spotted by a furious Omar Rodriguez, whose son lives at the house and he challenged Rey over the incident.

As the pair argued the 66-year-old grabbed a gun and fired at least two shots into Rey, Miami Dade police said.

As Rey’s wife ran to his side, Rodriguez threatened to shoot her if she didn’t live him alone, a witness told the police.  

Despite multiple surgeries, Rey did not survive the wounds and later died, his family told CBS Miami.

Neighbours also told the TV station that Rodriguez had regularly complained to police about some of them and had filed reports, despite the fact that he did not live at the house.

"We’ve never had any problems in this neighborhood, until this guy moved in," said local, Robert Warmington, adding that Rodriguez called the police when people parked on the pavement.

Another resident, Robert Suarez, said Rodriguez had yelled and sworn at old ladies walking down the pavement.

Police records confirmed that he had called them 90 times in the past.

The pensioner has now been charged with attempted second degree murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. His bond was set at $27,500 (£17,500).