Man stabs Oregon market worker while brandishing human head

A woman's body was found 10 miles away

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A man covered in blood and reportedly carrying what appeared to be a severed human head, has been arrested after allegedly walking into an Oregon grocery store and stabbing an employee.

Other employees in the store quickly responded and tackled the the attacker. Those employees held down the suspect until police were able to respond and bring him into custody, the local fire department in Estacada, Oregon, said.

The attacker has not yet been identified by police.

The stabbed employee was flown to a hospital, but their condition was not immediately known, according to NBC.

Twenty minutes after the stabbing in the market, a 911 caller notified authorities that they had found a woman who appeared to be dead inside of a home about 10 miles away from the store. Police arrived there and found the body, and police indicated that the death was likely connected to the attacker at the store. It wasn’t immediately clear in news reports whether the head had been severed from that body.

An investigation into the matter was ongoing and police said that there wasn’t any further threat to public health following the death and stabbing. An official Twitter account for the area fire department said that anybody involved in the stabbing could speak to a chaplain by reaching out to the fire station.