Black man stopped by white police officer for walking down the street with his hands in his pocket while it was snowing

Police officer in Michigan told Brandon McKean: ‘You’re making people nervous’

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A black man was stopped in the street by a white police officer because he was walking with his hands in his pockets.

American Brandon McKean was walking Pontiac, Michigan, where the temperature was just above zero degrees, on Thanksgiving day last week when a police officer stopped him, and asked him what he was doing.

When Mr McKean asked the police officer why he was being stopped, he was told: “You’re making people nervous.”

Mr McKean, who filmed the entire exchange, said: “Wow, walking by having your hands in your pockets makes people nervous and want to call the police? When it’s snowing outside?”

The police officer, who is also filming the incident, later explains that “we do have a lot of robberies, I’m just checking on you”.

Mr McKean posted the video onto YouTube and his Facebook page, with the comment “police state”.

During the exchange, Mr McKean makes reference to unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, where racial tensions between black citizens and the police have escalated into months of riots following the shooting of Michael Brown.

“Because of the whole police situation going across the country right now this is outrageous,” he told the officer.

On Sunday Mr McKean posted a picture of on his Facebook page of himself, with the caption “Hands still in my pocket”.