Man wearing Walter White T-shirt arrested in massive 'Breaking Bad' drugs bust in Argentina

Police estimated that the confiscated haul was worth nearly £200,000

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It was a case of life imitating art on Tuesday after a man wearing a Walter White T-shirt was arrested as part of a police bust on a drug ring that is said to have based itself on the popular American series Breaking Bad.

In the footage released by the Argentina Federal Police on Tuesday, one of the men was seen wearing a T-shirt with face of the chemistry teacher-turned drug dealer printed on it as he was escorted out of the Buenos Aires property on Tuesday.

During the raid, Police said they made a total of 13 arrests and seized over 12,000 ecstasy tablets from the makeshift lab. The video also shows material to make 40,000 more pills were seized, which included 150g (5.3oz) of Chinese methamphetamine.

Police said dangerous weapons, as well as several mobile phones were also included.

Those arrested are said to be part of a gang that mainly targeted middle class party goers that used the drugs at popular raves.

In total, police said that the estimated street value of the confiscated haul by police was at least 2,400,000 pesos (£183,500).

The raid on the lab was part of a series of raids that saw 20 other sites around Buenos Aires searched by police.