Manson's 'demons' prove too much for his stripper wife

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It was an eccentric marriage, even by the standards of Hollywood, involving one of the more outrageous rock musicians of his generation and a petite, burlesque performer famous for stripping in a large Martini glass.

But, last night, the short-lived union between Marilyn Manson and Dita Von Teese, best known for her 1940s-style pin-up girl look, appeared to have ended after it emerged that she is set to file for divorce.

Von Teese, 34, real name Heather Sweet, was planning to serve her husband with divorce papers last night citing "irreconcilable differences", according to the New York Post.

She has moved out of the Los Angeles marital home and filed for divorce at Los Angeles Superior Court on 29 December. However, she was unable to get in touch with him at the time.

In the papers, she gave the date of separation as Christmas Eve and is not claiming spousal support from Manson, 38, whose real name is Brian Warner. The couple had been together for several years before getting married in December 2005 at Castle Garteen in Kilsheelan, County Tipperary. Guests at the ceremony included Johnny Depp, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, the actor Keanu Reeves and Lisa Marie Presley.

Childless, they had lived in Los Angeles with their pets - four devonshire rex cats, two dachshund dogs and a white rabbit called Beatrice.

For several years the couple had been on the Hollywood A-list, with Manson recording his provocative music while Von Teese became a successful burlesque performer. Her signature act involved her stripping in a giant Martini glass, which ended with her bathing in it.

She grew up in a historic, antique-filled home in Michigan, where her fascination with 1940s cinema and retro style was nurtured by her mother, who bought her vintage clothes.

Keen to emulate the pin-up look of that era, Dita later combined her classical training in ballet with her fascination for glamour to become a burlesque performer. In an interview last year she responded to her critics by saying: "Some people say what I do isn't very feminist. I say it's pretty liberating to get $20,000 for 10 minutes."

Her husband is known for outlandish make-up and costumes, and shocking behaviour, onstage and off. His lyrics have been criticised for being anti-religious with references to sex, drugs and violence, but he has gained a cult following and three albums have been awarded platinum certificates.

Last night, however, it appeared as if the marriage had broken down irrevocably. A friend told the New York Post: "He's not been responsive. She loved him so much, but he has too many demons. He can't even communicate with her at this point.

"She tried to tell him she was divorcing him, but she can't even get him on the phone. She moved out of the house and he hasn't noticed. She really tried to make this work."