Mark Zuckerberg’s ex-roommate gets pro-immigration in a political group in storm before it even starts


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Mark Zuckerberg’s pro-immigration political activism group has stumbled before its official launch, after a leaked copy of its online manifesto was found to contain misleading claims.

The document – penned by Joe Green, one of Mr Zuckerberg’s, right, former college roommates, who has been tipped to lead the group – was sent out to the nascent organisation’s staff ahead of its planned launch.

But Mr Green has already been forced to apologise for it. Among the claims in the prospectus, obtained by, is that Microsoft’s billionaire co-founder Bill Gates and Marc Andreessen, one of Silicon Valley’s most prominent investors, are among the group’s founding members. It goes on to state that the group is named “Human Capital.”

The claims, however, are off the mark. Mr Gates and Mr Andreessen have not yet signed up, and the group will not take that name. As for the group’s aims, the prospectus also employs some less-than-subtle phrasing. Under a section on “our tactical assets,” it explains why “people in tech” could be effective in political activism.

“We control massive distribution channels, both as companies and individuals... Our voice carries a lot of weight because we are broadly popular with Americans... We have individuals with a lot of money,” it says.

Mr Green has apologised for the phrasing, which has the potential to get bosses in trouble if it seems that they plan use their corporate resources to push a political agenda.

“...Some of the information contained in this email is outdated and not representative of the kind of work this organization will perform,” Mr Green said in a statement to Politico. “Moreover, I regret some of the language in the email was poorly-chosen and could give a misimpression [sic] of the views and aspirations of this organisation and those associated with it.”