Massive brawl caught on CCTV in New York deli

Three men are in hospital after the fight involving five men and two women

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Three people are in hospital after a massive brawl erupted in a deli late on Sunday in New York.

The fight was captured by the Bronx store’s CCTV and shows two women and five men pounce on two men inside the store after what appears to be a heated verbal argument.

Two 20-year-old men suffered stab wounds and a 26-year-old victim had several facial fractures, a spokesperson for the New York Police Department told reporters.

Violence erupts in the store at around 4.30am on Sunday, when one of the men throws a punch. Suddenly, not only are the two men in a fight but the two further men also in the store at the time pitch in, hitting and slapping the victims as the shop becomes a scene of devastation.

Two women in the store – who an onlooker believes the fight may have been started over – initially appear to try and restrain the men, attempting to pull them off one another.

As the fight escalates however they both pitch in, with one even taking up what appears to be a spice or crisp rack and hitting one of the victims over the head multiple times.

The brawl spills onto the street, in Castle Hill Avenue in Parkchester, with two men viciously kicking a third who is prostrate on the ground.

Speaking yesterday, one of the victims of the brawl, Cesar Rosado, said: “It wasn’t a good fight”.

“They jumped us, stabbed me in the chest, and now I’m here,” he told NBC New York.

A witness of the scene, who asked to be identified only a ‘J’, told reporters: “When you see two men looking at each other real hard, you know what's about to happen, especially when there's a female involved”.

"Bim bam boom, bim bam bim boom,” he added. “The first started in there and it came up to the tree in front of the grocery store, and then from the tree, it went back to the window of the deli."

NYPD are appealing for witnesses to the brawl.