Mexico monster truck crash kills eight: out-of-control vehicle ploughs into crowd at Extreme Airshow in Chihuahua

Two children were among the fatalities during the Extreme Airshow in the city of Chihuahua

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WARNING: Video contains scenes some may find distressing

An out-of-control monster truck ploughed into a crowd of spectators at an air show in Mexico yesterday, killing eight and injuring dozens.

Two children were among the fatalities after the accident during the Extreme Airshow in the city of Chihuahua, capital of the eponymous state bordering the US state of Texas.

Carlos Gonzalez, spokesman for the Chihuahua state prosecutors’ office, told Associated Press that the driver of the monster truck appeared to lose control of the vehicle after driving over obstacles during a demonstration on Saturday.

Some witnesses said the driver appeared to have hit his head on the interior of the truck  as he crushed a pile of old cars, with at least two people reporting seeing his helmet come off before the massive vehicle drove into the crowd of terrified spectators, who tried to flee.

"I fell over and when I turned around I saw the tyre very close. It hit me and threw me to the other side," Jesus Manuel Ibarra, 41, said as he was treated for injuries to his arm and hip.

Spectator Daniel Dominguez, 18, said he was happily watching the show with a group of relatives when the truck came down hard in the middle of the cars. "The driver hit his head and his helmet flew off," Mr Dominguez said. "The truck came directly at where we were."

Gonzalez said that at around 80 people had been hurt, 46 of whom remained hospitalised earlier this morning. The truck, which reportedly had  1.5 metres (nearly 5ft) high tyres, ploughed into a crowded stand.

There were conflicting reports regarding the number of injuries resulting. The local health system listed the names of 67 injured people on its Facebook page, calling urgently for blood donations and help from local doctors and nurses.

Gonzalez said prosecutors were also looking at the possibility that mechanical failure meant the driver was unable to disengage the accelerator.

The air show was canceled after the accident that happened during the second day of the three-day show in a park on the outskirts of Chihuahua, the capital of Chihuahua state.

Additional reporting by Associated Press.