Michael Brown shooting: CNN reporter Sarah Sidner hit by projectile during live broadcast, carries on describing how Ferguson burns


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As riots broke out in Ferguson, Missouri last night and demonstrations were held in a show of solidarity across the US, there was seemingly no place safe for protesters, police officers or journalists alike.

At around 1am the CNN reporter Sarah Sidner was live on camera at the side of a street filled with burning buildings when she suddenly crouched, holding her head.

Sidner had been struck by a projectile, but after apologising to listeners saying “sorry I just got hit by a rock”, she carried out describing the devastation before her.

The reporter later tweeted that she had only a “bump on [her] head”. “Turns out it was a bottle thrown from a car,” she said. “I’m fine. But Ferguson is not.”

With the suburban area descending into chaos, news broadcasts were littered with similar incidents.

A BBC reporter speaking live from the ground while helicopter footage showed the scene from above was cut off when police fired tear gas in his direction.

“In fact a tear gas canister has landed right beside me,” the reporter was heard saying. “So I’m moving as fast as I can along with everybody else. People around me are choking on the tear gas. It’s a very fluid situation.”

MSNC’s Chris Hayes was trying to conduct an interview with a pastor in front of police lines when a hail of “what sounds like gunfire” erupted nearby.

“We’re being told to fall back,” Hayes said. “I’m going to throw to you in the studio and I’ll try and get on the phone.”

And a CNN crew including Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon was forced to run off-camera after a live broadcast with a crowd was interrupted by a gas canister flying overhead and landing nearby.

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