Miss Amazonas 2015: Brazilian beauty pageant runner-up wrestles crown off winner before storming off stage

Sheislane Hayalla claims rival Carolina Toledo had 'bought' victory

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A Brazilian beauty contest erupted into chaos after a furious runner-up snatched the crown off the winner’s head, threw it to the ground and then stormed off the stage.

Carolina Toledo, 20, was crowned Miss Amazon 2015 last week – but at the ceremony competitor Sheislane Hayalla, 23, decided she wasn’t happy with the result.

In front of a screaming crowd, who captured events on camera, Ms Hayalla suddenly strode forward and snatched the tiara off Ms Toledo, a law student, before she chucked it onto the ground and stormed off stage.

The assembled beauty contestants looked on in horror – seemingly unable to move – as events unfolded.

Organisers were quicker to respond, with one man jumping onto the stage to retrieve the tiara as it rolled away from the no doubt distraught beauty queen on Friday night, in Manaus.

On Saturday, Ms Hayalla – a model and biology student – said her rival had “bought” her victory, insisting that “money talks” and claimed Ms Toledo “didn’t deserve the title,” according to the Mail Online.

In a Facebook post that evening she wrote: “I do not accept injustice ... and will never let something go unpunished, but expressed my disapproval to the attitudes that were seen during the preparation for Miss Amazon.”

Ms Toledo has so far refused to comment on events during her crowning, instead releasing the following statement: “This is an unbelievable feeling. I don't have words to explain the way I feel.”

The winner of Miss Amazon will represent the state in the national contest for Miss Brazil.