Miss Universe: 'The USA has a wonderful influence on the world', claims entrant of America's greatest contribution

'We're always helping other countries'

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The 2015 Miss Universe contest took place in Miami last night, and as ever there was some very nuanced and insightful appraisals of the state of the world on offer.

The already painful Q&A round saw new levels of padding this year, as questions from judges were supplemented by an additional one from Facebook users.

No sooner had the swimsuit competition ended than the political debate began, following on from September's heat which saw entrants asked what the USA's response to ISIS beheadings should be.

"What is the greatest contribution of your country to the entire world?" the five finalists were asked.

Miss Netherlands went for "art and history", Miss Jamaica opted for "music", but Miss USA extoled American foreign policy.

"I feel like the contribution is just that we have a wonderful influence on the world and we can always help other countries if they need our help and we can give back as much as we can," she said with a straight face.

Miss Columbia Pauline Vega went on to be crowned this year's Miss Universe, which has not followed its rival event Miss World in axing the swimsuit round.