‘Most Interesting Man in the World’ gets Washington man a traffic ticket

Man was riding in the carpool lane with cardboard cut-out in the passenger seat

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A Washington motorist may have thought he was the most clever man in the world before he was given a traffic ticket for driving in the carpool lane with a cardboard cut-out of the refined gentleman from the Dos Equis beer ads.

A police officer spotted the fake passenger riding in the man’s car near Tacoma, Washington and pulled over the driver, Fox News reported. The officer then realised the fake passenger was none other than “The Most Interesting Man in the World”.

The Washington man is the latest to get media attention for using inanimate objects to try and drive in the carpool lane, which requires drivers to have passengers in the car to access those lanes on some highways. The Washington man was ticketed.


People may hang on his every word – even the prepositions – but The Most Interesting Man in the World was unable to talk his way out of the traffic ticket (see the above video). He also was unable to prevent the Washington police from posting the following photo on Twitter.


Police reportedly let the man keep the cut-out, as long as it stopped sitting shotgun.


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