Mother finds five-year-old son with special needs 'dressed in bin-bag' by Chicago teacher

Nyesha Terry said her 'heart broke' when she found her son on two occasions

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A US child with special needs was allegedly repeatedly forced to wear a bin-bag in a Chicago classroom.

Five-year-old Lloyd Terry, who has epilepsy and is unable to speak, was found by his mother Nyesha Terry wearing the bin-bag on two occasions when she arrived to pick him up from Wentworth Elementary.

Ms Terry said her “heart broke” over her son’s treatment, labelling it dangerous, disrespectful and unnecessary. She also claimed she had found her son sitting alone, isolated from other pupils.

Her child had reportedly been made to wear the plastic bag by his teacher, who – according to Ms Terry – claimed it was a “poncho” used to prevent him from wetting his t-shirt and falling ill.

Ms Terry rebutted these claims, telling WGN News the school has bibs and extra clothing for her son should he need to change.

After the story broke Ms Terry wrote on Facebook parents “should not have to worry about our children being mistreated” while they were at school.

She thanked people for their support and urged fellow parents to visit their child’s school because “we don’t know how they are really being treated”.

The Chicago Public School system issued a statement admitting his treatment had been “inexcusable”. They said an investigation to “ensure this issue is resolved and prevented from happening again” had been launched.