Mum sends thank you note to police for arresting springbreaking daughter for underage drinking

The mum was happy the daughter was treated with respect and hopes she learned a lesson

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A Florida mum sent a thank-you note to police for arresting her errant daughter. 

A Walton County Sheriff’s office received a note from a mother after her teenaged daughter was taken in by police for underage drinking during her spring break, along with several other people. 

The coastal community is a popular destination for university students to go during their week-long holiday. 

Sheriff Michael Adkinson Jr posted text of the note to his Facebook account. 

“In this day, “cops are getting a bad rap. So I wanted to say “thank you,” wrote the mother, who was not identified.  

Police departments nationwide have been the focus of public anger and Department of Justice investigations for shootings and allegations of violence and racism. 

She mentioned that the courteous and respectful manner in which the police acted was “very reassuring” since she was hundreds of miles away. 

“The arrest scared the HELL out of her and I’m hoping she learned her lesson,” the woman wrote about her daughter’s mistake in holding a beer can on a beach in the popular Spring Break destination in Florida. 

Mr Adkinson Jr’s post has gotten nearly 3,000 likes and over 700 shares  on Facebook as well as dozens of messages of support.