Mum tries to save her toddler from burning building, both die

The woman and her child died in Philadelphia from smoke inhalation


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A mother who ran back into a burning building to save her toddler died along with the child as flames and smoke prevented them from escaping.

The fire started in the Fairhill area of Philadelphia about 4am.

Officials say the mother at first escaped the fire alongside her family but she ran back inside when she saw her toddler was missing, as reported by the Associated Press.

Philadelphia Fire Commissioner Derrick Sawyer said the mother was found holding her child near a bedroom doorway on the second floor. They both died due to the heat and smoke inhalation.

Both victims’ names have not yet been released. Family members have released a picture identifying the two victims.

The remaining relatives who escaped the house - two adults and four children - were taken to hospital and there has been no information on their condition.

Officials are investigating the cause of the fire.