Woman says she stabbed father to death because she thought 'The Mummy Returns' was true

'I got played by Hollywood. In a movie, someone who can't love someone else, they stab their father'

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A woman who stabbed her father to death in a reported re-enactment of the film The Mummy Returns claimed she was “played by Hollywood”.

Christina Nicassio was arrested after she allegedly killed her father, Anthony Nicassio, at the family home in Pennsylvania.

The 27-year-old was reportedly "behaving irrationally" after a break-up. Her parents tried to put her into the car and take her to hospital when she grabbed a knife and stabbed her 69-year-old father twice in the chest.

Police found her father dead at the scene around 3am, according to a police statement.

Nicassio later told police she had stabbed the doctor because of a film she had watched.

“I don't know why, I thought he had to die,” she said.

She added: “I got played by Hollywood. In a movie, someone who can't love someone else, they stab their father.”

It is not known what part of the film allegedly inspired Nicasso to commit the offense. In The Mummy Returns, protagonist Evelyn is stabbed to death by an Egyptian warrior.

Nicassio also told police she thought the “world was ending”.

Anthony and Sandy Nicassio (Facebook)

Her mother, Sandra Nicassio, told police her daughter had been through a “bad break-up” with her fiancé the previous week. 

Her father was a doctor at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

The hospital described him as a “dedicated and skilled physician who devoted his life to compassionate care of his parents”.

Nicassio was taken into custody and charged with criminal homicide and possessing an instrument of crime.

Within hours, what was described as a self-inflicted head injury resulted in her being taken to hospital.

Nicassio grew up in the area, attended the local high school and worked as a real estate agent alongside her mother before becoming a football coach and personal trainer.

“She seemed like a pretty nice person and kids loved her,” Allegheny Force Football Club president Jamie Holt told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“It’s kind of shocking to us to wake up this morning and hear that.”