Nappy-clad toddler crashes Jeep into house, heads home to watch cartoons

The child reportedly set the car rolling after knocking it out of gear

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An Oregon toddler reportedly commandeered his aunt’s jeep and crashed it into a nearby house, police have said.

The three-year-old, of Myrtle Creek, was wearing only a nappy when he climbed into the vehicle on Tuesday evening and set it rolling down the street after knocking it out of gear.

According to KPTV, the child caused minor damage to a neighbour’s house and then ran back home to watch cartoons, where he was found by a police officer.

It was reportedly the second time police had encountered the child that day – he had previously been spotted sitting unsupervised in the jeep.

The boy had said his parents weren't home and another relative was sleeping, KPTV reported. Police contacted 22-year-old Brennan Pennington and alerted her to what had happened.

But later, they received reports of a car crashing into a house after the child climbed into the vehicle for a second time.

The boy's aunt and owner of the Jeep, Amy Mayberry, told Fox 12 that the sequence of events had been an accident. She explained that the boy got into the car while Pennington was in the bathroom.

Police cited Pennington for failing to supervise a child. They said the family made a “civil compromise” with the homeowner regarding the damage to the house.

Nobody was injured.