NASCAR fan allegedly strangled his fiancé who claimed IndyCar is better

Alleged argument took place during the Indianapolis 500

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Sure, all couples fight. But not all couples fight over whether NASCAR is better than IndyCar.

That is exactly what is alleged to have happened in Franklin, Indiana on Sunday when police responded to an incomplete 911 call. A woman at the house told officers that she had been drinking with her fiancé David Wilson all day, according to Fox 59.


She said Mr Wilson was in the kitchen making dinner while she was listening to the Indianapolis 500 – an IndyCar race. Mr Wilson then allegedly started rambling about how NASCAR is better than IndyCar and came into the living room and allegedly choked her.

The woman tried to call police, but Mr Wilson allegedly took the phone from her and told 911 dispatchers that “everything is fine here”.

When police arrived on the scene, they checked the woman for signs of strangulation but found none.

Mr Wilson said he heard his fiancé bad-mouthing NASCAR, so he confronted her in the living room but did not choke her. He was then arrested on suspicion of domestic battery and strangulation.

NASCAR is stock-car racing, while IndyCar is open-wheel racing, more similar -- though not identical -- to Formula One racing.


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