NBC accused of changing its 30-year logo to 'gay colours'


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People, brands and publications have been changing their profile pictures, avatars and logos to the colours of gay pride in their millions this week, in the wake of Friday’s landmark Supreme Court decision to bring in nationwide marriage equality.

The companies who have made the switch have all done so in a way that incorporates the rainbow flag without compromising the shape of their logo, so much so that one man thought NBC's iconic peacock feathers was a subtle message of support.

"Your changing your station logo with the colors of gays is a disgrace," (sic) Don Stair wrote on the NBC-owned KARK 4 News' Facebook page.



"Just stay out of it… Your integrity is ruined… ABC KATV is my choice in the future for all Little Rock station viewing… Shame on you!"

NBC did change the colours of its peacock logo, but back in 1986 and for aesthetic reasons, moving from a purple, red and yellow palette to a more spectral one.

The station was quick to point this out, as were hundreds of its Facebook followers.

Companies that have consciously changed their logos this week include YouTube, Tumblr, Spotify, Twitter, Uber, Gap and Airbnb.