#NeverTrump: Reasons to be worried about Donald Trump are trending on Twitter

A run of recent campaign successes for the Republican presidential hopeful has got Twitter users worried

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Donald Trump has seen a number of campaign victories in recent days, including an endorsement from the New Jersey governor Chris Christie.

Mr Christie, who up until the Republican vote in New Hampshire was running against Mr Trump, now believes him to be "the best person to beat Hillary Clinton in November".

That has been enough to send Twitter into overdrive and soon the hashtag #NeverTrump was trending with users, regardless of thier political leanings, sharing reasons why they don't want to see Mr Trump win the Republican nomination.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, even Florida senator Marco Rubio, a Trump rival, got in on the act:

Some of those tweeting took issue with Mr Trump's attitude towards women:

Others were concerned about how Mr Trump feels about the disabled:

That's something that goes back to Mr Trump's mocking of New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski who has arthrogryposis.

Some voiced concerns over Mr Trump's plans for a wall dividing the US and Mexico:

Some expressed fears that he was unstatesmanlike:

Other raised the issue of Mr Trump's supposedly stubby fingers, strangely something that appears to have plagued the candidate for quite a while:

And then there were those who worried what it might mean for them if Mr Trump actually becomes president:

Meanwhile, shortly after the trend began, supporters of Mr Trump started their own hastag, #AlwaysTrump.