New Jersey woman who threw neighbor's dog into traffic gets four years in prison

The dog died over an argument about parking.

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A New Jersey woman has been sentenced to four years in prison after she threw her neighbor's dog into traffic during an argument over parking.

Haniyyah Barnes was convicted in October on animal cruelty, theft and mischief charges stemming from the 2011 incident, according to She was sentenced on Wednesday.

Barnes kicked in Nazirah Bey's front door during a parking dispute in 2011 and grabbed Honey Bey, a 2-year-old Shih Tzu, by the throat, carried her outside and threw the dog into oncoming traffic, killing her. A nearby police officer saw Barnes throw Honey Bey into traffic.

After Barnes was convicted in October, her bail was revoked and she was sent to Essex County Correction Facility. She will now serve the remainder of her four-year sentence and pay Ms. Bey $2,000 in damages. Barnes will also be made to complete 30 days of community service upon her release.

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