New study says more teens are using e-cigarettes to smoke weed

'It’s possible that teenagers are using pot in a much less detectable way'

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A new study published in the Pediatrics Journal finds that teens are increasingly turning to electronic cigarettes to smoke marijuana.

Roughly 27 percent of high school students are using e-cigs to smoke up hashish oil, marijuana, wax and other forms of cannabis throughout the states.

Meghan Morean, an assistant professor of psychology at Oberlin College who conducted the research at Yale University, claims to understand why teens are leaning toward e-cigs for vape use.

"It’s so much easier to conceal e-cigarette pot use. Everybody knows that characteristic smell of marijuana, but this vapor is different. It’s possible that teenagers are using pot in a much less detectable way.”

Researchers surveyed 4,000 Connecticut students from, with 28 percent of participants saying they had tried some form of e-cigarette use at least once.

Dr Morean called on researchers across the globe to conduct similar research on the subject as the rise of e-cigs is still very new.

Early this year, Britain's Department of Health concluded a study claiming that e-cigs are 95 percent safer than smoking regular tobacco, the New York Daily News reported.