New York mayor wins role in film of 'Sex and the City'

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The political aspirations of the Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, continue to attract fevered speculation.

But while there is still no confirmation yet that he will run next either for governor of the state or new tenant of the White House, we do know that a modest screen career might be in the offing.

However, he will not debut in a political thriller but rather in the upcoming big screen version of the perennially popular television drama Sex and the City. The film, which is due in cinemas next May, will again track the escapades of four lively Gotham ladies.

Officials in the Mayor's office confirmed yesterday that Mr Bloomberg, 67, a billionaire and political independent, had stepped out in front of the cameras on Tuesday evening alongside the stars of the long-defunct TV show – and now the film – Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon, somewhere around Manhattan's Bryant Park. A love interest and rival to Mr Big, who will also be reprised on the big screen by the actor Chris Noth, the Mayor will surely not be. Word is that his role is purely cameo in nature and non-speaking. More of "a walk-by with the gals" than any kind of on-camera flirt.

Previous mayors of New York have also appeared in popular television shows – Ed Koch as himself (although long after his retirement) in Sex and the City in 2001 and Rudy Giuliani, now a presidential candidate, in the long-running comedy Seinfeld as well as other television shows.