New Yorkers unfurl huge Palestinian flag from Manhattan Bridge during Gaza march

New York police are investigating the incident

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Palestinian supporters in New York hung a huge flag on the side of Manhattan Bridge as hundreds marched in a show of solidarity with Gaza.

The flag, which had the words "Gaza in our hearts. Boycott. Divestment. Sanctions," written on it, was hung on the south side of the bridge to make it visible to marchers on the Brooklyn Bridge at about 7pm local time, ABC 7 reports.

It was revealed as hundreds of pro-Palestinian protesters marched across the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan.

A news release said the march was intended to “connect the struggle of the Palestinian population to those of oppressed communities throughout the US", such as the protests in Ferguson, CBS New York reports.

The flag was pulled from the bridge by the New York City Police Department shortly after. New York council member criticised police on Twitter, saying the dropping of “another illegal flag” on a major bridge leads to the question of whether the force “is still capable of protecting New York City”.

A pro-Palestinian flag is seen hanging from the Manhattan Bridge

Police are understood to be investigating who displayed the flag. No arrests have been made so far.

Israel launched Operation Protective Edge on 8 July with a stated aim of stopping rocket fire, disaraming Hamas and destroying their network of tunnels into Israel.


More than 2,000 Palestinians, mostly civilians have been killed since fighting began. Israel has lost 67 people, all but three of them soldiers.

On Wednesday, three senior Hamas military leaders were killed in an airstrike on Gaza. The deaths come after hostilities resumed on Tuesday when negotiations broke down, with both sides blaming the other for the collapse in peace talks.