News anchor Larry Stogner tearfully reveals he is losing his job and his life on air

'I'm sure in recent months you've noticed a change in my voice...'

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Long-serving ABC11 news anchor Larry Stogner bid an emotional farewell to viewers on Friday, revealing that he had been diagnosed with ALS, a disease for which "there is no cure".

Stogner, who has been with the North Carolina station since 1976, made the admission after viewers started to notice that his voice was changing.

"Some of you may remember me taking the ALS ice bucket challenge back in the summer," he said with a wavering voice.

"Little did I know, it was about to change my life. There is no cure. My career in broadcast journalism is coming to an end."

He explained that he will be taking some vacation time with his wife Bobbi, returning one final time on February 6 for a "more personal" goodbye.

Stogner's fellow newscasters clapped him on the shoulder supportively as his speech came to a close.

The average life expectancy for ALS patients is two to five years, though some live on longer with the help of medication.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge raised over £100 million last year, with hundreds of celebrities getting involved.