Newtown massacre: Six-year-old girl escaped by playing dead under the bodies of her classmates


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As Adam Lanza shot indiscriminately at his young victims, one sought protection from his murderous onslaught by pretending she was dead, it was claimed today.

A pastor who helped counsel grieving families told ABC News that the six-year-old girl  managed to escape the  slaughter by lying stock-still among the bodies of her first-grade classmates until she knew it was safe to run away.

“She ran out of the school building covered from head to toe with blood, and the first thing she said to her mom was, ‘Mommy, I’m OK but all my friends are dead,’” Pastor James Solomon told reporters.

The girl, who was the first survivor out of the school after the shooting, now suffers from survivor’s guilt according to the pastor, because many parents lost their children “but [her mom] has hers”.