Niagara Falls daredevil plans to cross Grand Canyon without a harness

Seventh-generation acrobat says it's "exciting" that there will be no safety precautions in place
  • @SophieWarnes

Nik Wallenda made history last year by becoming the first person to walk over Horseshoe Falls on a tightrope, but his bucket list of crazy stunts doesn't stop there.

Wallenda wants to take on another challenge and walk across the Grand Canyon on a tightrope. It will be the highest walk he's ever attempted at a height of a heart-racing 1,500 ft.

However, he's doing it on his own terms. Last year, his sponsors ABC insisted that he wear a harness, which was a disappointment for him. He told NBC: "It was my dream to walk over Niagara Falls since I was about five or six years old, but part of that dream was taken away because I had to wear that harness… The exciting thing about this event is that I will not be wearing any tether or any safety whatsoever."

Luckily for him, The Discovery Channel have no doubts about his skill as a tightrope walker, outbidding competitors to buy the exclusive rights to air the stunt live on June 23.