Nine-year-old girl gives birth as Mexican authorities seek out father


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A nine year old in Mexico has given birth to a baby girl, prompting an investigation by the state into the whereabouts of the father.

The girl, known only as Dafne, reportedly fell pregnant when she was just over eight-years-old, and had the baby in Zoquipan Hospital in the state of Jalisco.

Her mother told authorities that the father, a seventeen year old, ran away after finding out about the pregnancy.

The state prosecutor, Jorge Villasenor, told Mexican newspaper Milenio: "We want to find the young man who was responsible to know his version, because she is not able to understand the significance of their actions. This is a case of rape or child sexual abuse."

Although mother and baby have both been discharged, the hospital has said it will closely monitor the situation, due to the mother's age.

The youngest ever mother to be recorded around the world was a girl of five and a half from Peru, who gave birth to a boy in 1939.