NYPD officers filmed punching and pinning a man to the ground during his arrest for ‘trespassing’ at a Brooklyn department store

Video has emerged of police officers striking Alando Brissett several times during his arrest at a Brooklyn Target
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Video released online shows police punching 25-year-old man, Alando Brissett, several times after he refused to leave a Brooklyn Target store.

The strikes took place as Brissett attempts to squirm away from the officers pinning him down to the floor of the Brooklyn store.

Watch the video below.

A crowd soon gathers with customers attempting to stop the police from what they believe is excessive behaviour.

Shouts of “Stop f***ing hitting him” and “One person… fifty police… it’s wrong, that’s not good” can be heard on the video. More police arrive on the scene and the video suggests there were at least thirty officers.

After a four minute scuffle, Brissett is escorted away with his trousers pulled down. While outside, the suspect was searched and eventually put into a police car.

It is reported that the commotion began when a Target employee called police after she became involved in an argument with Brissett when he requested a receipt for returning bottles to the store. Brissett’s grandmother told New York Daily News that he often returned bottles at Target to make some extra money.

According to a police spokesperson, Brissett faces charges of disorderly conduct, trespassing, obstructing governmental administration and resisting arrest.

The incident took place on 25 July, and the video was uploaded to YouTube a day later. The footage is now under review by the police.