Obama transforms office into private dancefloor

President reveals he and guests grooved to R&B classics in White House

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George W Bush famously danced like a donkey. During one of the celebratory balls he attended in early 2001 after being first elected, he notoriously trampled on the feet on his wife Laura.

But his successor in the White House apparently fancies himself as being a little more lithe on the dance floor. In an interview to be published later this week, Barack Obama reveals that on at least occasion he has transformed one of his private offices into a disco.

“Friday night. In the Yellow Oval. We had some guests over. It was a small group,” Mr Obama tells People magazine when asked when was the last time he danced.

“Somebody wanted to dance. And Barack was the DJ,” added Mr Obama’s wife, Michelle.

The Yellow Oval Room is located on the south side of the second floor in the White House. Over the years it has served as the personal study of President Franklin Roosevelt and been used to host royal guests and hold other important meetings.

There was no information about who the Obamas’ guests were that night. But the president did reveal that his playlist included a number of R&B classics. “We started with Aretha’s Rock Steady. Sly and the Family Stone,” he said. “Then we ended the night on Al Green, and everybody did a slow dance.”

The Obamas are known to love music and dancing, and have been seen singing and dancing in the front row of a regular performance series they host at the White House.

The president most recently showcased his dancing abilities on stage with Santa at the National Christmas Tree lighting. Earlier this year, Mrs Obama released a Vine video of herself dancing with a turnip, according to ABC News.