Oklahoma City shooting: Will Rogers airport on lockdown after one person killed

Police are still searching for the suspect

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Oklahoma City Police ordered people to shelter in place after a shooting at Will Rogers airport in the state's capital that claimed the life of one person.

Police confirmed that one person was shot in the parking lot area of the airport. The victim was rushed to the hospital, but died as a result of their injuries. Police are looking for a second reported victim.

There is no information regarding suspect or their vehicle at the time of this writing.

"We are really asking for everybody to just stay away from the airport area," Oklahoma City Capt Paco Balderrama told reporters at the scene. 

All airport departures and arrivals have been suspending until further notice. 

Streets surrounding the airport were closed to traffic. 

Airport spokesperson Karen Carney told the Associated Press that police believe the shooting was an isolated incident, but they are still taking precautionary measures.