On Morgan Freeman’s 78th birthday, a look back at his top-10 highest-grossing films

The three recent Batman films all rank in the top-10, but see what other films made the list

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Happy birthday, Morgan Freeman. The seemingly omnipresent actor turned 78 on 1 June.

Whether you prefer him as Lucius Fox in the Dark Knight or as Red in the Shawshank Redemption or even as God in Bruce Almighty, just about everyone has seen a Morgan Freeman movie.

He has 109 acting credits to his name, according to IMDB, and his films have grossed more than $8 billion worldwide. Here’s a look back at his top-10 highest-grossing films.

1. The Dark Knight Rises - $1.084 billion

2. The Dark Knight - $1.003 billion

3. Bruce Almighty - $484.6 million

4. The LEGO Movie (voice) - $468.8 million

5. Lucy - $458.9 million

6. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves - $390.5 million

7. Batman Begins - $373.7 million

8. Now You See Me - $351.7 million

9. Deep Impact - $349.5 million

10. Wanted - $341.4 million


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