On the road with Peaches

Ms Geldof has driven across America buying clothes, like Kerouac, she told readers of 'Nylon' magazine. This column will be one to watch
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Even by her usual eccentric standards, this has been a busy week for Peaches Geldof. She's New York; she's London. Her hair has been blonde and it's been blue. She's made a statement in favour of marriage and commitment; but not, of course, for ever. "America is... a place of contradictions", she has written pithily in her new column in the US magazine, Nylon. So, evidently, is she.

It only seems a minute since she was poncing round the "cobbled streets" of London, spinning discs and flipping the bird as if her hectic, ke-rrrazy, multi-tasking life depended on it. But in fact, owing to a slippage in the space-time-celebrity continuum, Peaches has been lost to us for ages. She and her new husband have been on an epic road trip around all America, "sourcing" new vintage boutiques and seeking out "parts of the US not many people see unless they go off the beaten path". Parts including "truck stops, fast food restaurants, and palm trees", apparently. This has been a "Jack Kerouac adventure" – if Kerouac had concentrated less on jazz, Dean Moriarty and Mexican women, and more on making zany new best friends and buying entire shops. What do you mean you didn't miss her?

Since marrying her beloved Max Drummey to the horror of her father back in August, Peaches has shared even more of her new-found wisdom with the adoring public she calls her own. Her latest aperçu concerns the point of marriage. In that there is none, it turns out. "You can't ignore divorce rates.... Every friend of mine has parents who are now divorced," she told Heat magazine. The answer? Well, she didn't go into her marriage thinking "this is going to last for ever". She didn't go into her marriage thinking very much at all, maybe.

Sadly, Peaches' wit is so far lost on her fellow New Yorkers, who have not yet grown to love her as we do. "Sounds like someone is begging to get mugged, YIPPPPEEEE!!" read one internet post beneath her column. Fortunately, her talents are not wasted on Boris Johnson. Last week, he invited her to the Islington Conservatives annual cocktail party. Imagine his disappointment when she couldn't come.

"Peaches isn't in the country," said a spokesman. "But if you are fishing to ask if Peaches is a supporter of Boris Johnson, as far as I'm aware, she is not." But still, one doesn't have political opinions thinking they are going to last for ever, right?