One Click Wonder : W

'W', Oliver Stone’s chronicle of the life and times of George ‘Dubya’ Bush has hit the big screens this weekend. Here we round up five of the most impressive impersonations, spoofs and parodies of the outgoing president
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Josh Brolin

Brolin, perhaps best known for his role in No Country for Old Men, makes a splash as Dubya in Stone’s biopic, which traces George Bush’s rise to power, from alcoholism to becoming a born-again Christian.

Kamal Haasan

In the Indian film Dasavathaaram, about a biological weapon of mass destruction which is in danger of falling into the wrong hands, Tamil actor Haasan dons a dodgy-looking mask to play Bush.

Double trouble

At a White House dinner, comedian and impersonator Steve Bridges and the real George Bush appear side by side. Well, if a career in politics doesn’t work out, Bush can always go into stand-up...

Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell’s "special address" as George W Bush. Here the President takes time out from relaxing on his ranch to tell us what he thinks about those new-fangled "global warmings”.

Frank Caliendo

American stand-up comedian Frank Caliendo puts on his George Bush hat and talks to David Letterman... Just don’t ask him to “rememberise” what the word “legacy” means.