One World Trade Centre criticised for lighting up in the 'wrong colours' in botched tribute to Brussels

Photos of the building appear to show the One World Centre illuminated in red, white and blue- however it is not known if this was because the Centre confused France with Belgium or was due to a trick of the light

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Last night, iconic landmarks around the globe were lit up in the colours of the Belgium flag to pay tribute to the nation after yesterday’s terror attacks. 

The World Trade Centre lit up its antenna in a mark of respect, and was seen projecting red, white and blue in dramatic contrast to the pitch black sky. However, there was one unfortunate problem, Belgium’s flag is black, yellow and red. 

The apparent error has been criticised online as it has been suggested that the centre accidentally confused the French and Belgium flags- resulting in the botched tribute.

However, a photographer has told Getty that the colours appeared red, yellow and black to the naked eye but when photographed, did not translate visually and instead appear red, white and blue.

Some were unconvinced and have taken to social media to suggest that the Centre accidentally botched the tribute after confusing the two countries.

Other landmarks around the world which lit up to pay tribute to Belgium were Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate and Paris’ Eiffel Tower.

The Eiffel Tower was lit up in red, black and yellow to pay homage to the people of Brussels
The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin joined other landmarks around the world in lighting up in the colours of the Belgium flag last night

It is believed that at least 31 people died and more than 230 people are injured following the attacks in Brussels . Two bombs exploded at Brussels Airport yesterday and a further explosion detonated on a Metro train. Islamic State have claimed responsibility for the attacks.