Oregon college shooting: Gunman Chris Harper-Mercer 'originally from UK'

The shooting was the 45th attack on a US school this year

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The gunman who murdered at least nine people in the latest US shooting was reportedly originally from the UK.

Chris Harper-Mercer walked into Umpqua Community College on Thursday and opened fire, reportedly questioning victims on their religious beliefs before shooting them.

The 26-year-old was born in England, according to his step-sister, but moved to the United Sates with his mother when he was a young child. It is believed his father, Ian Mercer, is British.

Mr Mercer said his family were “devastated” by events and asked for privacy.

Gary Evans, 62, a married to Harper-Mercer’s aunt, claimed Mr Mercer had not been around when his son was born. “They were separated when I first met them, and I don’t believe they ever were married,” he told the Daily Beast.

Harper-Mercer, whose online profiles included links to mass shooting documentaries and photographs of the Irish Republican Army (IRA), was killed in a police shootout.

Authorities have remained silent on the motive behind the attack.