Oregon's Kate Brown sworn-in as America's first openly bisexual governor

Ms Brown took the post after resignation of former governor amid corruption allegations

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Oregon made political and human rights history on Wednesday when it became the first US state to swear-in an openly bisexual governor.

Kate Brown took the oath of office following an ethics scandal that had forced the previous governor, John Kitzhaber, to stand down. Mr Kitzhaber, a Democrat, had held the post for the longest stretch.

"We're thrilled that she has risen to the top and helped break through a glass ceiling," Jeana Frazzini, the executive director of Basic Rights Oregon, told The Independent.

She added: "It's interesting the amount of attention this aspect of Kate Brown's idenity is now getting, because she has been openly bisexual almost all of her political career."

Ms Brown, 54, had been searching as Oregon’s secretary of state. Mr Kitzhaber, elected to an unprecedented fourth term last year, announced last week that he would step down amid allegations his fiancee used her relationship with him to enrich herself, the Associated Press said.

He has denied wrongdoing and has consistently maintained that he and his fiancee, Cylvia Hayes, worked hard to avoid conflicts between her public and private roles.

Brown, a 54-year-old Minnesota native, came to Oregon to attend law school in Portland, the state's largest city, and established a family law practice before her first run for the state legislature.