Ouch! Lorry reverses onto brand new $300,000 Ferrari supercar, which then receives ticket for being double parked while awaiting recovery

Truck driver said he 'didn't see nothing' before slamming vehicle into reverse and driving over silver supercar

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It’s a scene to make petrol heads weep: a brand new $300,000 Ferrari FF scraped and crushed beneath the weight of a delivery lorry, whose driver seemingly failed to check his rear-view mirrors.

The sorry incident occurred last week on Columbus Avenue in New York’s affluent Upper West Side, with the driver of the guilty food truck telling witnesses “I didn’t see nothing” before he’d slammed his hefty vehicle into reverse and drove over the silver supercar which had pulled up behind him.

The sorry incident occurred last week on Columbus Avenue, New York

The owner of the Ferrari was not in the car at the time, as the vehicle was being driven by a paid driver at the time of the accident.


To make matters worse, WABC-TV reported that while the driver of the badly damaged Ferrari was waiting for it to be recovered, he received a ticket for being double parked.

The owner of the Ferrari was not in the car at the time

The lorry was eventually pulled off the Ferrari, which was left with severe scratches and scrapes to its bodywork. It is unknown if there was any damage to the engine beneath the bonnet, or if its suspension or chassis were affected. If that’s turns out to be the case, the brand new supercar could be written-off before its owner ever got to drive it.

Police confirmed they are investigating the incident, but have not yet established who was at fault.

A scene to make petrol heads weep