Paint n' stripping: Nude body painters take to New York streets

Artists celebrating the naked form staged a '"bodypainting day" in the bustling Manhattan metropolis

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Daubed in colourful swirls and dipped in hues of teal and azure, a legion of models and artists descended onto New York streets for a live display of body painting.

At least 40 fully nude models and 30 bodypainters began the day by painting skin canvases in Columbus Circle, at the entrance of Central Park, on Saturday.

They then staged a march down Broadway and a photo shoot in Times Square before taking part in a solo show of organising artist Andy Golub’s work.


Mr Golub says he has previously been arrested for live nude bodypainting, but successfully challenged the move after arguing that “public nudity is legal if it’s part of an artistic expression.”

“I believe that art shouldn't be limited to canvases or bound to be in only indoor spaces” he says on his website.

“I make up the art as I go, because I believe that the present is as important as any other moment. To me, art is about self-discovery and sharing it with people.”

Mr Golub was granted a licence to hold the weekend’s event, after claiming that New York was the only city in the US which would allow it, the BBC reports.