A Peruvian news reporter interrupted a live report on severe flooding in the country to rescue a struggling dog.

Aaron Rodriguez, a reporter for broadcaster Latina Noticias, had travelled to the area of Piura to cover the severe flooding in the northern region.

The reporter, who was standing waist-deep in a flooded street and broadcasting live, helped the dog who appeared to be swimming helplessly between a series of flooded streets and unable to find land.

Mr Rodriquez, holding a mobile phone, a microphone and its bunched up cables in one hand, scooped up the dog in the other and waded through the flooded streets until he reached dry land, putting the dog down.

The river Piura bust its banks at the end of March and floodwaters rose to nearly six foot in height, causing four people to drown and 500 people to be evacuated from the town of Catacaos, the BBC reported. 

Fifteen hours of rain, the heaviest seen in the area in nearly 10 years, caused the floods, which are thought to have affected 10,000 people in the city of Piura.

More than 100 people have died in Peru from rain-related events since December. A number of people died in March after a sudden warming of Pacific waters unleashed torrential downpours on the Andean nation, Reuters reports.