Peruvian police pick up a penguin after it fell off a moving car

The police named him 'Pingui' and fed him fish

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A penguin has been apprehended by police in Peru after the confused creature was spotted running through the streets in the north of the country.

A video from the scene, in the Ancash region of Peru, shows officers struggling to capture the penguin, who flaps and nips at the them as they try to pick him up.

When they do manage to capture him, they wrap him in a jacket and take him inside.

Officers then fed him some fish and affectionately named him 'Pingui'.

According to local media, Pingui, a Humboldt penguin, was left abandoned after he fell from a vehicle.

During his time on the run, he narrowly avoided being hit by a taxi and bitten by a dog.

As reported by Sky, arrangements are now being made to take pingui to a penguin habitat not far from where he was found.

Humboldt penguins are found in coastal areas of Chile and Peru, so hopefully he won't get too homesick.