Picture of police officer feeding baby as mother has seizure goes viral

Officer was photographed feeding the infant at a Kansas mall

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A Kansas police officer responded to call about a woman having a seizure at a shopping mall and upon arriving was caught in a photograph that has since gone viral.

But instead of going viral for bad behaviour, Officer Andy Black is being applauded for his response.

When Mr Black arrived on the scene, the woman was recovering from her seizure, but still was shaking as she clutched her baby, according to Fox 4.

Mr Black reportedly asked if he could hold the child while the woman and her husband spoke to paramedics. When he picked up the infant, she began to cry. Like any good grandfather – Officer Black has 14 grandchildren – he knew what to do and began feeding the child.

Artist Jilli Nel took the photograph of the officer feeding the baby and said, “It was so beautiful, it just touched my heart so much that I had to stop and just talk to him. This is what we don't get to see, the times of the quiet hero, going beyond his duty”.