Pilots 'sacked after posing for selfies with model in cockpit of Argentinian passenger jet'

Model Victoria Xipolitakis tweeted images of herself and the two men and said she had even been allowed to help fly the plane

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Two pilots have reportedly been sacked after they allowed a model into the cockpit of a passenger jet and posed for selfies with her.

Model Victoria Xipolitakis photographed herself in the cockpit with the men, later tweeting the images and saying she had been allowed to help fly the aircraft.

She was reportedly allowed to remain in the cockpit for the entire flight from Buenos Aires to Rosario in central Argentina.

It is unclear whether Austral airlines flight 2708 was airborne when the photographs were taken.

Since the 9/11 attacks, aircraft passengers have not been allowed to visit aeroplane flight decks.

It was unclear whether the flight was in the air when the photographs were taken (Twitter/Viky Xipolitakis)

Argentinian safety regulations say that no one other than inspectors, traffic controllers or authorised staff should be allowed into the cockpit.

In a statement Argentinian Airlines, said: "Regarding what happened during flight 2708, the pilots were discharged and will be sacked like the rest of the staff who had a responsibility for the incident.

"Legal actions will be issued against the above mentioned and also against the passenger involved for putting the flight’s security at risk."

Austral is owned by state-owned Argentinian Airlines.