Police break up California anti-Wall Street camps

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Riot police cleared out an anti-Wall Street encampment in Oakland, California, early yesterday, and drove hundreds of demonstrators from similar camps in Portland, Oregon.

Protesters in Oakland put up little resistance as officers led them away from the downtown plaza in handcuffs. Some gathered near the barricades and vowed to return. "I don't see how they're going to disperse us," said Ohad Meyer, 30. "There are thousands who are going to come back."

Officials across the US have been urging an end to similar gatherings after four deaths in different cities, including two by gunfire. Oakland officials insisted on an end to their city's encampment after a man was shot and killed last Thursday.

In Portland, the midnight Saturday eviction deadline brought more supporters to the protest park. At one point, the crowd swelled to thousands. But as dawn arrived, riot police had retreated and most of the crowds had gone home.

Mayor Sam Adams defended his order to clear the park, saying it was his job to enforce the law and keep the peace. "This is not a game," Mr Adams said.