Police dash cam captures man attempting self-immolation in Austin, Texas

Warning: Viewers may find the following video distressing

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Police have released dash cam footage showing the moment a man attempted to light himself on fire at a petrol station in Austin, Texas.

Footage from the city's police department shows officers approaching Andrew Guerrero, 57, in the early hours of the morning to try and talk with him. Guerrero immediately gets into his vehicle and says, "I think I’m going to set the car on fire."

As two officers race to the driver and passenger doors of the vehicle, a loud pop is heard and an explosion engulfs the car. Both officers cry as they are forced back by the flames, with Guerrero rolling out of the car door and onto the floor of the petrol station.

One of the officers from the Austin Police Department said he saw Guerrero with a lighter in his hand shortly before the car was set alight, while Fire Arson investigators believe the car had vehicle in it.

What is more astonishing in the video below is what Guerrero did immediately after the explosion.

Warning: Viewers may find the following video distressing

After initially falling out of the vehicle, Guerrero picks himself up and climbs back into his car. Yet the 57-year-old screams in agony as he tries to remain in the car. Officers shout at Guerrero to get out of the vehicle and onto the floor. He eventually leaves the burning car, writhing in agony before being dragged away from the flames by police.

Police say Guerrero was taken to University Medical Center Brackenridge and then to the burn centre at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio. Police believe that he was trying to commit suicide. One of the two officers involved in the incident was taken to South Austin Medical Center with minor injuries to his arm.

Arson Investigators say Guerrero is now facing arson charges.