Police dashcam captures tragic plane crash on motorway in Atlanta, Georgia

The four people were killed on their way to a family member's graduation

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Police in Atlanta, Georgia, have released the dashcam footage from an officer's car, showing the tragic moment a small plane crashed near a motorway, killing four family members.

The footage has emerged one month after 53-year-old Greg Byrd died alongside his fiancee, Jackie Kulzer, and his two sons, who both in their twenties. The group of four were off to see the youngest son, Robert, graduate from the University of Mississippi in Oxford when the tragedy occurred.

The video, released by Chamblee Police Department, shows the small, single-engine Piper PA-32 plane flying at a low angle before disappearing behind a tree. A large black cloud then begins to form.

The police car immediately drives towards the accident in the distance, arriving at the awful crash site, where other cars have stopped in shock.

According to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), the pilot, Mr Byrd, was in regular contact with the airport control tower and told them, before the crash, "I'm having some problem climbing here. Were going down here at the intersection."

Those were Mr Byrd's last words.

The exact cause of the crash is still under investigation, with the NTSB’s final report to be released in a few months.