Police dashcam footage captures the moment a baby is delivered in a car after being pulled over for running a red light

Washington police officers thought they were fighting crime; instead witness the miracle of childbirth
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“Sorry officer but my girlfriend is in labour…” is the clichéd excuse for a guilty driving offence; but it was reality during a traffic stop in Seattle, Washington recently when officers pulled over a car for running a red light.

Watch the impromptu childbirth below.

Wild screams of “the baby’s head is out… the baby’s head is out!” can be heard on the video.

The baby girl was born in the car without any medical assistance; but the drama did not stop there as the new-born struggled to breathe.

Minutes later, a police officer was able to clear the baby’s airway and she was breathing again.

Medics eventually arrived and transported mother and baby to a nearby hospital – both are in a stable condition.