Police hunt 'extremely dangerous' prisoner who fled jail and allegedly killed woman

Robert Crissman was being held on minor drugs charges

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Police in the US state of Pennsylvania are searching for an escaped inmate who is suspected of killing a woman after he walked away from a work release programme.

Officials in Armstrong County said 38-year-old Robert Crissman ran away from the local jail on Thursday morning while delivering meals to other inmates.

The Associated Press said the body of 55-year-old Tammy Long was later discovered at a nearby house. Prosecutor Scott Andreassi said authorities determined Mr Crissman had visited Ms Long's home but did not say how she was killed.

“Since this morning, it’s been determined that Crissman visited a house at 110 Rayburn Road. We understand that he knew the individuals who were in that house,” Mr Andreassi told reporters. “He has to be considered extremely dangerous."

Officials said Mr Crissman was being held on modest, non-violent drug charges and had only a few days more to serve in jail before he was released on probastion. There were no violent crimes on his record.

Mr Crissman was last seen driving a maroon 1999 Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck.