Police called to check out ‘suspicious’ ethnic minority journalists

One black journalist and one of Indian descent were simply reporting a story near a school in Plano, Texas

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Police were called to investigate a report of “suspicious-looking” people near a school - and were met by two journalists, both of ethnic minorities.

Two staffers for NBC5 were reporting a story near a school in Plano, Texas, when they were approached by police due to a report of an “Hispanic-looking woman and black man with suspicious white truck and camera”.

Reporter Homa Bash is of Indian descent and photographer C J Johnson is black.

Ms Bash, who joined the company from Cleveland last month, tweeted about the incident and it was re-tweeted more than 63,000 times and liked more than 125,000 times.

It struck a nerve in a country that is grappling with racial tensions.

One user replied: “If you see something and you’re a racist, say something racist.”

The police officer who responded to the call, Laurie Hunter, recognised the journalists were not a threat, said Plano police spokesman David Tilley.

He said that he did not know whether the caller had cited the colour of their skin as a reason for why they were seen to be “suspicious”, or whether it was due to their camera equipment near a school.

Police have been called on a white television reporter before, he added.

They were allowed to continue reporting their story about a proposal to ban dogs from student campuses in the city.

Ms Bash tweeted again that the police officer was "cool" for letting them get on with their work.

NBC5 said in a statement that "the police officer and our crew were doing their jobs. Everyone acted professionally."